1. Payment and right of withdrawal

1.1 This clause applies to all fees and charges due by the Buyer under a Car Market Sale, in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and to invoices and payments relating to the Car-Market Sale.

1.2 Unless otherwise expressly provided, the fees, charges and amounts mentioned on the Car-Market website and in the General Terms and Conditions are in euros and do not include applicable taxes.

1.3 The Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that invoicing will be done by E-Invoices or in paper format. The Purchaser acknowledges and accepts that the Purchaser must comply with all applicable legal obligations regarding the receipt and storage of E-Invoices or paper format.

The Buyer expressly acknowledges and agrees that Car-Market will charge the Buyer a customs administration fee of fifteen euros (15 EUR) for each E-Invoice or paper format sent to the Buyer residing outside the European Union, which amount will be added to each invoice.

The Buyer will be required to comply with VAT laws, i.e. if it is a professional Buyer from another EURO zone country to provide Car-Market with a valid company register, to make a bank transfer and to provide a CMR if the vehicle subject to VAT has to travel to another EU country.

If the Buyer wishes to change his billing preferences after the first Car-Market sale, the buyer may contact Car-Market for any changes to this effect.

1.4 Within two (2) weeks according to the European Union's right of withdrawal on online or telephone sales, the Sale shall be deemed to have been unfairly cancelled by the Buyer.

In order for the Buyer to benefit from the right of withdrawal, you must notify us of your decision to withdraw from this contract by sending an e-mail to the following address: okazauto@skynet.be or by registered mail to Car-market Rue du Polissou 19, 5590 Achêne.

*Important: All natural or legal persons acting in a field outside a commercial or professional activity shall be considered as consumers. Professional customers cannot benefit from the right of withdrawal.

1.5 If amounts sent to the Buyer remain unpaid, Car-Market shall have the right to block any other sale, vehicle or document of the vehicle in its possession, without notice, in order to offset the unpaid amount. The amount or vehicle blocked will not be limited to the same transactions, but will be extended to all ongoing transactions between Car-Market and the Buyer.
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